Poultry Manure spreading on farm lands may be restricted

Poultry farmers are increasingly looking at practical uses for poultry manure to future-proof their businesses and achieve additional income.

Poultry manure is nutrient-rich, high in nitrogen and phosphorus and is usually made up from a mix of bedding material and animal waste, left behind when broiler chickens are sent for slaughter.

Spreading of manure on lands may in the future be curtailed and governed by Nitrate Vulnerable Zones and Environmental Permitting.

Also, spreading of poultry litter on the land may be under consideration post Brexit.

“Land-spreading in Northern Ireland is no longer sustainable at current levels".

Poultry litter is high in nitrogen and phosphorus and many soils across the north already have excess levels of phosphorus.

“This impacts on water quality as the nutrients can get into the water and cause pollution of rivers and lakes."

The solution to the growing issue of spreading poultry manure on land is to install an “Environ Green Energy CHP Plant” that will convert poultry manure produced on the farm to Electricity and Hot Water.

Read more about turning Poultry Litter into Energy here.

Poultry manure burning is therefore an economic option for the largest farmers (usually in the broiler sector), although, there may be scope for smaller farmers to group together and invest in this area.

  • heat generated can be used warm the sheds, reducing feed demand, drying litter and lowering ammonia levels.
  • electrical Generation will off-set the high cost of electricity to run the chicken sheds

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