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Poultry Manure Combustion

Environ offer an Animal and Plant Health Agency (APHA) compliant solution and can guide customers through the APHA application process.
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Environ can help you to convert unwanted poultry litter to create heat and electricity to manage your business more efficiently and generate income through the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) and by exporting excess electricity to the grid.

Innovative and efficient Biomass CHP System

  • Poultry manure is a fuel, not a waste
  • Heating chicken sheds and site buildings
  • Off-set site electrical loads
  • Future proof of electricity and heating costs
  • RHI Income from qualifying heat
  • Off-set fuel consumption costs (gas, oil, LPG or woody biomass)
  • Reduction in odours
  • Avoidance of spreading poultry manure on land
  • Enhanced bird health, better ventilation, dryer air and improved biosecurity
  • Less humidity in poultry shed (replacing LPG)
  • Reduced potential for watercourse pollution
  • Fewer vehicle movements on and off-site
  • Reduced carbon footprint and Green House Gas emissions
  • By-product (ash) as a fertiliser
  • Fully automated operation

Poultry manure is an abundant fuel that can be combusted in an IED compliant system. Typically, the litter is removed from the chicken sheds at the end of each growing cycle of approximately 7 crops per year. 

The manure is delivered to the fuel store where a feed system transports the manure under negative pressure to a conveyor for delivery to the combustor auger feed system. The auger moves the manure (fuel) into the primary combustion chamber for the complete combustion the process to begin. 

The combustion gas at around 900°c is diluted through a series of filters delivering 530°c gas to the Organic Rankine Cycle Evaporator.

The heat extracted from the filtered combustion gas converts the ORC working fluid from a liquid to a gas, this change in state spins a turbine which is linked to an electrical generator. The working fluid is then cooled and the resulting heat can be used in a downstream heating process such as poultry sheds, dryer, offices and homes. 

The working fluid is then pumped back to the heat source and the cycle repeats.

Uses & Applications

  • Generates on-site electricity to off-set site loads
  • Generates process heat as hot water to heat the chicken sheds and other buildings 
  • Poultry manure is free fuel future proofing energy costs
  • Eliminated manure disposal costs and possible future penalties
  • Improved poultry house conditions and biosecurity
  • Improved animal welfare and increased liveability
  • Reduced risk of bird diseases
  • Reduced flock growing cycles
  • Improved humidity through optimal ventilation
  • Reduced risk of pollution due to manure storage or spreading
  • No need for manure land spreading
  • Reduced carbon foot-print and other GHG emissions
  • Reduced need for fossil fuel consumption
  • Fly-ash by-product is an easily transportable P&K fertilizer

Engineered for a cleaner tomorrow

Environ offers the following standard equipment included in all projects

  • Project Management
  • Complete system design (CAD/SolidWorks)
  • APHA application
  • Automated Litter feed system
  • Manure Combustor
  • Auxiliary backup burner
  • Flue gas cleaning – Emission Compliant
  • Flue gas ducting
  • Chimney Stack
  • Low temperature hot water distribution
  • Control Logic/Remote Monitoring
  • Continuous Ash removal system
  • Compressed air
  • Pipes installation
  • Access platform
  • Insulation
  • Electrical installation
  • System automation

Optional equipment and services can be supplied

  • Mains distribution panels and power factor correction
  • Civil works, foundations, pits & building
  • Electrical power to equipment plant room
  • Heat distribution network
  • DNO application
  • CEMS - Continuous Emissions Monitoring System
  • Periodic Emission Monitoring
  • Dispersion modelling
  • Thermal Store/Buffer
  • Odour abatement
  • Dryer for RHI compliant system
  • Equipment running-load noise analysis
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