Case Studies

Vantage Farm

Environ were asked by Mr. Mike Harrison of Vantage Farm to offer Design Procurement, Installation and Commissioning services for a poultry litter combustion system, whereby, poultry litter is combusted delivering hot water to supplement heating loads to the chicken sheds and electrical power generation for site loads or potentially export excess power to the grid.

The site has 6 chicken sheds which houses 350,000 chickens at a time and the project not only provides heat and power it solves the issue of having to remove the chicken litter from site which further reduces business costs. Environ installed the following equipment to the farm: Uniconfort Global 90 Chicken litter Combustor Emissions Abatement Equipment Triogen ORC Combined Heat and Power unit and associated clean air heat exchanger KMH Top-Loaders litter feed system.

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R & L Holts

R & L Holts tomato growers commissioned “The Glass House Project” in late 2016 to integrate a steam expander generator to an existing Biomass boiler to provide a combined heat & power (CHP) facility.

The steam expander supplies hot water for the glass house heating system and to offset electrical site loads and export extra electricity to the national grid. R & L Holts testimonial ‘Environ a very reliable & highly recommended company to provide a CHP facility’

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Strathmore Renewables Ltd

John & Michael Boyes of Strathmore Renewables Ltd approached Environ as they wished to combust virgin woodchip and utilising the resultant steam this to generate an eco friendly/paper pulp woodchip heating system – providing hot water and heating from chips normally put into landfill sites. The scope of the project was to put in a Schmidt SDK 1.6t/h steam biomass boiler to raise steam and deliver it to a steam expander Genset.

The expanded steam pass through a twin rotor set driving a generator that produces 93.05kW gross electrical power for export to the National Grid. The steam is passed to a condensing heat exchanger which in turn provides hot air for a New–Eco-Tech belt drier.

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Daventry Biomass Facility

At the Daventry Biomass facility Environ has designed, manufactured and installed four waste water Draygon evaporators along with a steam distribution system and condensate recovery system which is fully RHI compliant.

The Draygon units utilise low pressure steam to power an evaporation process which separates the liquid water element from any contaminants by a process of ‘thin-film’ evaporation by controlled discharge over a steam heated exchanger thereby imparting sufficient evaporative energy from the steam to create a solid at the interface which is removed from the exchanger and deposited into a self-contained (within the evaporator) settlement tank which is periodically ‘wiped’ to remove solids resulting from natural settlement of suspended solids and solids (TDS) created by the use of the evaporation technique.

The ‘wiped’ solids are removed from the settlement tank and discharged onto a de-watering system which through the processes of natural ‘free’ drainage and mechanical pressing results in a cake solid at a nominal 50% moisture content. The dry solid is discharged by a pressing conveyor (collected) into an appropriate receptacle located at each evaporation unit and transported elsewhere for reuse.

Evaporated liquid created by the thin film evaporation process is drawn into an induced draught airstream. This airstream passes through the Draygon and over the steam heated exchanger resulting in a rise in air temperature to permit the absorption of the water vapour and is directly discharged to atmosphere. The quantity of air utilised in the process and its temperature is controlled to match the liquid evaporation rate permitting the absorption of the vapour directly into the induced airstream.

The resultant air/vapour stream is then discharged directly from the evaporator units via a dedicated stack/flue into the atmosphere.

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