We package a range of Gas engines for Landfill Gas and Biogas (Anaerobic Digestion) applications from 95kWe to 500kWe using Scania and MAN engines.

These engines are packaged in ISO containers (6 metres long) and are fitted out to a high standard including acoustic protection and CHP configuration if required. This construction allows for ease of delivery and relocation.

Remote monitoring is offered as standard, and a full O&M package is also available for all engines.


For electrical output from 95kWe to 190kWe we offer the Scania 13 series gas engine. This engine is a six cylinder engine and a well proven workhorse for smaller or older landfill sites or small Biogas plants.

For the range from 190kWe to 500kWe we offer MAN gas engines, starting with the V8 configuration which is rated at 250kWe and then progressing to the V12 range which includes the 350kWe, 400kWe and 520kWe engines.

All these engines can be de rated to fall within certain power rating ceilings if necessary when complying with tariff legislation.

Gas cleaning & de watering

We also design and build bespoke systems for gas cleaning (H²S and Siloxane Removed) and de watering (moisture removal) that can be tailored to suit the engine requirements according to gas quality. These systems are well proven in extending engine life and availability and reducing maintenance costs when higher levels of siloxanes or Hydrogen sulphide (H2S) are present in the raw gas.

Electrical control panel building, and electrical install.

Electrical control panel building to suit your machinery control needs including design, installation and integration.

Genset sales, repairs, control upgrades, modifications and commissioning

Supplier, installer and operations provider of many makes of gensets with or without CHP systems to cater for your site needs ranging from 80kw to 500kw electrical output

We are a Motortech/Comap solutions provider enabling us to carry out genset upgrades using Motortech and Comap controls products.

Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) suppliers and operations providers

We can supply, integrate, maintain and commission many types of ORC systems ranging from the CETY-Heat recover solutions (formerly GE ORC), Triogen and Heliex units.